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Q) What is TMT?

TMT (Tread Mill Test) is the recording of heart’s electrical activity while it is under the stress of increased physical demand. This is also known as exercise tolerance test or Cardiac Stress test. Chest, arms and legs are involved in TMT test. The TMT at Sriya Labs assess the heart muscle’s response to the need for additional oxygen, which occurs during increased physical activity

Q) What is the procedure for X-Ray Imaging?

No anesthesia or any special intervention is required during the procedure. A lead shield is placed over you to protect your reproductive organs. You lie on your back underneath the X ray machine, and remain still while the X-ray is taken. You may be asked to shift to other positions for more X-rays. These X-rays may be taken with you standing up or lying down - the X-ray technician will help position you against the film (which looks like a large board) so that the clearest pictures may be obtained. Usually pictures from both a front view and a side view are taken.

Q) What is the procedure for mammography?

No Anesthesia is required and all you need to do is to stand/sit in front of our special x-ray machine. You stand in front of a special X-ray machine, which has a platform to place your breast on. Our technician adjusts the height of the platform, then lifts and positions one breast between a special cassette that holds the film and a compressor paddle that holds your breast. The paddle is brought close to the platform and the breast is compressed to hold it in place and allow for a clearer image. You can tell our technician if the plate compresses so tightly that it feels painful.

Two pictures of each breast are taken during a screening mammogram. During one, you face toward the platform and the image is taken looking down at the breast. For the second, you turn slightly to allow for an oblique view. These X-rays are repeated on the other breast. Extra images, from different angles, may be necessary if you have breast implants. You'll be asked to wait at the facility until the X-rays are developed, in case more images are needed.



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