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You may feel healthy, but knowing that you’re healthy is even better. Health Packages are an advanced screening program for the early detection of potential health problems and risks.

As we age, the risks of heart disease, stroke, cancer, aneurysm, and other diseases increase. In fact, heart disease and cancers cause over half of all deaths for people aged 40 and older in India. Health Packages and our Testing Profiles can tell you if you’re at risk for any of these diseases. We offer comprehensive health assessment that goes far beyond any screening programs currently available in Andhra Pradesh and India.

Sriya Labs – Our Scanning and Diagnostic Centers’ Health Checkup Packages offers specific exams targeting certain areas of the body. For your comfort, you will be assisted by trained, courteous professionals throughout. After your Health Check up Packages, one of our Certified Radiologists or Physicians will discuss your results with you. Sriya Labs will then offer you helpful suggestions for leading a healthier lifestyle, including diet, exercise and stress reduction. We can even send a copy of your results to your Specialist Doctors upon your request.

Health Checkup Packages are painless, easy to undergo, and can be completed in a half day. It is a proven way to discover life’s little problems before they can become bigger ones.

Our Specialists designed Health Checkup Packages shall evaluate :


Our Health Checkup Packages at Sriya Labs are as below :




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